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Geek out and give glory to God, this is where faith and fandom crossover. Tony T and his crew invite you to join them as they laugh, play games and bring gospel truth to the Gamestops and the comic shops. The Nerd of Godcast, where Christ culture and nerd culture come together for some sweet, sweet two player co-op.
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We talk about all the things that used to be things but now aren't anything. What needs to come back? Is it Pokemon Go? Blockbuster? Pudding Pops? View Master? Plus we revisit season one episode one to bring back the first game we ever played, The Metagame. Join in the conversation with Tony, Steven, Oliver, Neff, Lismari, Charlotte the Intern and,…
This week the crew talks about the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight Detective, the Gosh Darn Batman. From the comics to the movies we talk about how the character has changed over the years and compare it to how our perceptions of Christ might be changing too. Plus a Batman Rogues Gallery game, the reveal of Best thing Ever, Maurica's America and ou…
The NOGSquad steps into the multiverse as they kick off SEASON 7VEN, and things keep shifting in and out of reality. Who is on the show? Why does all this seem familiar? We talk about the importance of passion in our faiths and our fandoms and introduce you to some new friends along for the ride!Bởi Nerd of Godcast
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