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Filadelfia Stockholm

Filadelfia Stockholm

Filadelfiakyrkan Stockholm

Hàng tuần
Filadelfiaförsamlingen i Stockholm är Sveriges största pingstförsamling med tio enheter runtom i Stockholm, bland annat Filadelfiakyrkan som är belägen vid S:t Eriksplan i centrala Stockholm. Varje söndag klockan 11:00 firar vi gudstjänst på flera ställen runtom i Stockholm. Med start klockan 11:00 kan du också följa vår gudstjänst från Filadelfiakyrkan live via webben på Varmt välkommen!
Colleen Ballinger has been sharing her life publicly to millions of people online for over a decade, while her husband Erik Stocklin lives a much more private life and barely knows how to use social media. This unlikely couple spends an hour each week discussing anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all about their unique world. Every episode is an open and honest discussion that often leads to discoveries and revelations as they (along with the rest of us) navigate these unprecedent ...
I interview industry experts so you'll learn what to do, what to ask and - ideally - how not to lose money.I'm just like you I want to make money from the stock market but I find the terminology confusing. I want to be able to make informed decisions. Let's learn together on Stocks for Beginners. See for privacy and opt-out information.
投稿・メッセージはこちら→ ★★★ NRSラジオ公式instagramはこちら→ ★★★福岡県那珂川市のNRSラジオより「CINEMA, DRAMA, GAME, ENGLISH, and HEALTH」を掲げてお送りするカルチャーキュレーション"駄話"プログラム。★★★Stock Bros.(ストックブラザーズ)の森重裕喬と吉井陸人が毎週木曜日、恐れながら、あなたの夜を30分間頂戴いたします。ほんとうに、申し訳ない。★★★映画駄話コーナー「シネ政所」を軸に、ドラマ駄話コーナー「ドラ政所」、ゲーム駄話コーナー「ゲー務所」など大げさでユーモアあふれるカルチャー駄話をお届けします。★★★ぼくらの時間とお金を溶かしつづけるカルチャーの海を、どうか一緒に溺れながら進みましょう!
StockOdds was created in response to traders need for accurate data and actionable trade ideas, most people are probability blind, our goal is to educate in probability literacy. In this podcast, we focus on interviewing stock traders to find what it took to get consistent trading success in various stock markets.
Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Join us to keep on top of where the industry is going next and learn from the industry's sharpest minds.
Stocks Neat

Stocks Neat

Forager Funds

Hàng tháng
Stocks Neat by Forager Funds - the podcast talking sips and stocks, with nothing watered down. Each month, join Steve Johnson and Gareth Brown for a drink as they talk share markets and taste-test some of whisky's finest.
Emission de radio sur la BD (manga, franco-belge, comics) et les jeux vidéo ! Présentée et animée par Stéven. Retrouvez les sommaires des émissions, la liste des albums chroniqués, les photos et dédicaces d’auteurs sur leur Facebook :
Learn all basics and advanced concepts of stock market trading. We discuss different aspects such as: - Equity Trading - Futures & Options Trading - Commodity/Currency Trading - IPO We provide educational content on anything that falls under the stock trading space including info about stockbrokers such as Zerodha, Upstox, Angel One, Groww, IIFL, Motilal Oswal, Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, 5Paisa etc from the perspective of trading platforms, brokerage, margin facility, a ...
Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced investor, the Daily Stock Market News podcast will keep you ahead of what's going on in the financial world. This show is dedicated to providing investors with high-quality content that can be consumed in just a few minutes, so it won't waste your time and give you the information you need.
Welcome to the Swing-Trading Podcast! I want you to become a better trader, and you know what? You absolutely can! Commit these three rules to memory and to your trading: #1: Manage the RISK ALWAYS! #2: Keep the Losses Small #3: Do #1 & #2 and the profits will take care of themselves. That's right, successful swing-trading or any kind of trading is about managing the risk, and with the Swing-Trading podcast I will cover a new aspect of successful trading that is necessary for you to realize ...
Podcast especializado en la fotografía de stock. El Podcast Fotografía de Stock forma parte de la plataforma y está dirigido por Carles Navarro, acompañándolo al micro Jose Luís Carrascosa, ambos expertos en fotografía de Stock de larga trayectoria. Si quieres monetizar tus imágenes y conocer el mundo de la fotografía de stock, este es tu lugar. Un podcast fresco, con humor y rigor en el que explicamos cómo funciona, desde dentro, la fotografía de stock.
Stock Hypers podcast

Stock Hypers podcast

Bryan Cantrell & Danny O'Brien

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Stock Hypers are amateur investors talking about stocks, wall street, business and the markets from a completely uninformed, unprofessional, sometimes nonsensical perspective. Danny and Bryan both are not recommending or pressuring you to buy any stock. If you take their advise you may loose money, your reputation and all your friends. This is meant for pure entertainment and listening pleasure. (Even if all our stocks go skyrocketing in value and we become zillionaires it's best that you, t ...
Welcome to Stock Day Media. Beginning with our Stock Day podcast we give Micro-Cap companies transparency and investors the information they need to make informed decisions about their investment portfolio. Our CEO Everett Jolly has over twenty-five years in the financial sector. With that experience comes a wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach investors about the Micro-Cap market. The Micro-Cap/Penny Stock space offers many options for investors.
Hi, welcome to the After Dinner Investing podcast. This is a weekly value investing podcast where host Jason Rothman talks about investing, after he eats dinner of course. If you're interested in value investing, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Mohnish Pabrai, this is the investing podcast for you! Thanks for listening and sharing the show. New episodes come out weekly on Saturdays.
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🔥| Free 10 Day Indicator Trial ⛔| Free Options Mastery Course 📈| Trade Options With Me 7 Days Free 🥇| BreadAlerts Option Selling Scanner 🔎 | Best Stock/Option Scanners Barchart | Finviz | Follow Us Here: 📘Read Ou…
Ryan examines what went wrong for one swing trader as he blew up his account trading with heavy emotion, FOMO, and inverse ETFs. Whiskey: Knob Creek 15 Year Bourbon Be sure to check out my Swing-Trading offering through Patreon that goes hand-in-hand with my podcast, offering all of the research, charts and technical analysis on the stock market an…
Vale a pena investir em RANI3? Qual o resultado da Irani? RANI3 é uma das melhores ações de celulose? Essa empresa bem menos convencional é uma das principais teses da Forpus. A companhia trabalha com embalagens, uma prima menor da Klabin e da Suzano, porém com diferenças enormes para as outras duas companhias mais famosas do setor. Quer entender m… Regardless of your personal opinions of social media platforms, this one could be set up nicely to make money in the market. Tune in and see if now is the time to buy META stock, because the answer may surprise you! Meta Stock: Is Now The Time To Buy? | VectorVest Try VectorVest for only $0.99 ➥➥➥ https://www.vectorvest…
Toda la información en Como cada mes repasamos el contenido más buscado en el mercado de stock, para que puedas planificar tus sesiones. Tendencias, contenido, mercado y estrategia en un nuevo Episodio del Podcast Fotografía de stock, como siempre, con mucho humor. ¡Acompáñanos!…
No. I’m not exaggerating. This trader, literally, lives in the middle of a 1,200 acre swamp surrounded by gators, snakes and hogs. I want to offer you up a fair warning. If you are someone who is constantly looking for reasons on why you can’t do something, you are NOT going to like this discussion. With that being said, if you are someone who find…
The Stock Day Podcast welcomed DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) (“the Company”), an emerging global technology company with an array of interconnecting businesses in some of the fastest-growing market sectors. President CEO of the Company, Robert Silzer, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.Bởi Stock Day Media
Episode 373: The Stock Market has been selling off for 6's what I'm doing.Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:ởi John Pugliano
What I learned from Ted Weschler and Guy Spier last week, Abrams adds more Coupang 0:00 Intro 3:20 Davis Abrams 14:08 Inverted tax loss harvesting 36:10 Ted Weschler 53:05 Guy SpierBởi Jason Rothman: A value investor who looks up to Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Mohnish Pabrai.
市況不好的時候,一堆奇怪的訊息就會跑出來。 什麼即期品超人,你才即期品超人,你全家都......即期品最香惹嗚嗚...... 最近身邊的朋友受到市場重擊,小聊一下感觸。 另外也帶大家一起觀察最近的市場的內容,儘管持續下跌,但下跌的內容物不一樣。 從市場情緒跟族群落底的時間不同,猜測目前的走向到哪一個階段了。 如果喜歡我的內容,歡迎在Apple podcast與Spotify留下五星,感謝! Podcast傳送門: 贊助節目製作費: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Here's what is happening in the markets today, Friday, May 13th Dow falls for a 6th day in a row S&P 500 down 18% now - bear market coming? Fed Chair Powell says he couldn’t guarantee a “soft landing” - recession possible Apple (AAPL) down 22% and now in bear market Meme Stocks are back: Short Squeeze for Lucid (LCID). GameStop (GME) and AMC (AMC)?…
We've another great interview for you this week! Beth Kindig is the lead tech analyst with the i/o fund — one of the highest-performing tech-focused stock portfolios in the world. She’s also a prolific writer, commentator, and public speaker in the investing world, contributing her expertise to the likes of MarketWatch, Forbes, The Motley Fool, and…
In this episode, Bill Powers shares his analysis and lessons learned from investing in Aurcana Silver from January 2020 until now. Last week Bill sold his final Aurcana shares for about C$.18/share. Bill initially invested via a private placement in early 2020 at C$.22/share with a full C$.375 three-year warrant. At one point in early 2021 Bill was…
#日本映画界のジーコ #中毒不可避 投稿・メッセージはこちら→ メール| ★★★福岡県那珂川市のNRSラジオより「CINEMA, DRAMA, GAME, ENGLISH, and HEALTH」を掲げてお送りするカルチャーキュレーション"駄話"プログラム ★★★ Stock Bros.(ストックブラザーズ)の森重裕喬と吉井陸人が毎週木曜日、恐れながら、あなたの夜を30分間頂戴いたします。ほんとうに、申し訳ない。★★★映画駄話コーナー「シネ政所」を軸に、ドラマ駄話コーナー「ドラ政所」、ゲーム駄話コーナー「ゲー務所」など大げさでユーモアあふれるカルチャー駄話をお届けします。★★★ぼくらの時間とお金を溶かしつづけるカルチャーの海を、どうか一緒に溺れながら進…
Hello everyone, I’m Ed Gotham, and welcome to Opto Sessions where we interview the top investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. Today I’m delighted to welcome Darius Dale, Founder of 42 Macro. 42 Macro is an investment research firm offering institutional-grade macro risk management frameworks and processes priced for th…
Bad day for inflation. Danny is sitting on cash, no bottom in site! Hype or Hate: Danny: Fivrr, Etsy, AMD Bryan: Coin, Unity, Tesla Stock Hypers are amateur investors talking about stocks, wall street, business and the markets from a completely uninformed, unprofessional, sometimes nonsensical perspective. Danny and Bryan both are not recommending …
A Singapore man fell for a well-orchestrated forex trading scam in which scammers created an online trading site that used similar platforms found at genuine trading houses. This meant they were paying certain firms for the right to use their custom-built trading software. So a guy got introduced to this new forex trading investment by a friend, wh…
As an investor, failure at some point is inevitable…especially when you’re just getting started! What separates great investors from those who never make money is what you LEARN from your failures. This one has been a long time in the making, but today we look at not only what my worst investment has been, but what lessons you can take from my expe…
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