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Drew, Yoga, Red, and Digga take part in the first episode of “What That Shit Is?!” A trivia show by yours truly. What were the results? How well did they do? And tonight we had the third installment of “Digga Ruins A Classic Movie”: Tonight’s edition, Purple Rain. Join us inside!!!!
Red, First, & Digga are all back together at long last. Here them discuss the albums Life After Death, and All Eyez On Me. Then listen as the brothers tell stories regarding their teenage years and upbringing. This is a must hear for our loyal listeners. It is the show you all asked for
Redboy, 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones introduce Roro to the squad. It’s always good to have a female on the team. We answer your questions about Onlyfans, can lack of sex hurt the relationship, and Crossing Gaurd shoes?!?! Join us inside.
Charlie Maveric, Radical Jack (X-Jack), 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones go to the question section to answer your relationship questions. There are no holds barred in this process and no feelings spared. And Alec Baldwin did WHAT?!?! Join us inside and find out why “We’re In Charge”…………
2 Gun Tony & Digga Jones introduce special guest host Charlie Maveric of the Mavcast Podcast, the Jesus Watch The Wheel Podcast, and others to their show. We talk about his ventures and get his insight on how he started podcasting. Then we address our last show…… the listeners had a lot to say, and apparently, so do we. Join us inside!!!!…
Special Guest Radical Jack, 2 Gun Tony, and Digga Jones talk about the legend or lack there of of the show known as Family Matters. We then discuss the allure of Florida Man, followed by the Guilty Pleasure Playlist 2.0. Come inside for a good time!!!
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