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Broadcasting Paranormal News and Weird stories from our CreepGeeks Bunker Studio in the Mountains of Western North Carolina! We’re an offbeat paranormal news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the paranormal, supernatural weird, strange, the stupid, and tech topics circulating the web. You can call the show and leave us a message! 1-575-208-4025 Your Hosts Greg and Omi
Down to the Wire features our 'Backpage News', where we track down the most offbeat and weird news stories happening in the world and discuss them. Followed by an [insert interesting conversation piece here] and ending the episode with the best sports discussions in sports. Instagram: @dttwentertainment Website:
Are you sick of politics and depressing world news bringing you down? These weird news stories, products and historical events will make you feel better about yourself in the same way Wal-Mart makes you feel hot by comparison. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
What happens when you put comedians in front of microphones around a pool table? While we do end up playing with the balls and cue sticks, we search the deepest parts of every place (mainly the Internet, and ourselves) for funny news stories, pop culture, relationship problems (who doesn't have those), the strangest/weirdest questions people ask on the Internet. Mix middle school humor with current events and you pretty much have us. Just don't tell our wives what we talk about down here.
TNN started off in a garage somewhere in Texas. TNN consists of three hosts: Paramvir, Jeremiah, Rafif. All three of us have put in all our effort in order to ensure the best quality podcast available. We aim to bring joy to people all around the world. Our podcasts consist of weird news topics. We try our best to make every episode entertaining for our audience.
Your report of the paranormal, supernatural and conspiracy which appears every day in the news. Hosted by James Koppert. Other shows go down the rabbit hole, we give you bite-sized chunks for you listen to with a bite of humour and discussion thrown in our weird and wonderful world. If you like ghosts, UFO's, cryptids, demons, poltergeists etc this is the spot for you. Get in touch
The internet's most Shadenfreude-iest show is on the air. Comedians Tim Powers and Sax Carr find real news stories from real news outlets about real people doing real stupid things. Comedy Ensues. To join the party, you can read your story on an up coming episode. Just call the hotline: 865-4-TIM-SAX in the United States. You can also find us all the regular social media outlets. If you loved us on Crave Online's "This is Really Happening" you will love NEWS OF THE DOOMED.
The International News Service is your most trusted source for the most important weird news from across the globe. Join news analyst Kevin Harrison, actor, comedian, and musician Mike Wiebe, and professional commentator Brian Camp as they provide insight and analysis on the week‘s latest news of the bizarre. Hosts: Kevin Harrison, Mike Wiebe, Brian Camp Producer & Music: Mark Ryan Announcer: Nancy Walker Graphic Design: Mike Tidwell
Little News Ears is a podcast for parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn about the news in a simple way. With 10 different shows and counting, it is made for kids (and adults) who want to laugh! The newest audio and video episodes are always on https:/! All episodes are curated, and often written by Dan Buck, a school leader at an independent school in Texas with close to 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader around the world. There are several ty ...
TransMissions is all about Transformers toys! Our show covers everything from Hasbro and Takara to the what’s new from unofficial third party companies to weird and wacky knockoffs! We have news and reviews and our Trips To The Store segment where we show off what we got in the past week!
Offbeat Oregon History podcast

Offbeat Oregon History podcast (finn @

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A daily (5-day-a-week) podcast feed of true Oregon stories -- of heroes and rascals, of shipwrecks and lost gold. Stories of shanghaied sailors and Skid Road bordellos and pirates and robbers and unsolved mysteries. An exploding whale, a couple shockingly scary cults, a 19th-century serial killer, several very naughty ladies, a handful of solid-brass con artists and some of the dumbest bad guys in the history of the universe. From the archives of the Offbeat Oregon History syndicated newspap ...
Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a good story--the stranger the better. Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments. Things get weird pretty quickly around here.
Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

DC Comics,Comics,Comic Books,Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman,Justice League,DCComics,DC Comics Reviews, DC Comics News,Pop Culture, Movies

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The DC Comics Weekly Recap & Review Show - honest to a fault and never fakes the funk! The show comes out every Sunday Night (350+ weeks in a row and counting!) DC Comics,Comics,Comic Books,Batman,DC Comics Podcast,DC Comics Reviews,DC Comics News,Superman,Justice League,Flash,Wonder Woman,Aquaman,Green Arrow,DCComics, DCComicsPodcast
Your hosts take on the news, science, life, and weird stories from around the world. The results are thoughtful, provocative, and fun. There's no hidden agenda and no deep government ties here. Main stream media beware, these guys will call out #FakeNews when they see it. You can love them or hate them, but either way you want to hear what they say next! Stay up to date on the world around you. Impress your friends with conversation starting opinions and juicy facts! Truly the best news!
The News with Jessica is not your typical news program. Instead, Jessica features news stories that are quirky, odd, weird, and wacky. Also during each news story, a panel usually consisting of Andrew Zarian, Coco, and Kunal will comment with jokes and similar expierences they’ve had relating to the story.
Do you like your history haunted? Then Macabre London is the podcast for you. Every fortnight we'll unravel a tale that's gruesome, horrifying or downright macabre. Support this show at Get bonus content on Patreon Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to Kelly Corrigan Wonders, a place for people who like to laugh while they think and find it useful to look closely at ourselves and our weird ways in the hopes that knowing more and feeling more will help us do more and be better. A former newspaper columnist and four time bestselling author, Kelly wonders about loads of stuff: is knowing more always good? Can we trust our gut? How does change actually happen? We only book nice people who have a sense of humor and know things worth ...
Stephen explains what's going on to Kayla, hilarity ensues. A weekly audio download. The news cycles is complicated, we'll figure it out together. Covering U.S. and World news, music, pop culture and weird stories, it's a current events chat show that looks at the world with humor and compassion. Stephen's been paying attention, Kayla hasn't; one of them has something to say that you'll like (it's probably Kayla).
Slow News Day is a website about pop culture, crime, weird stuff, the internet, and pretty much whatever else interests us. We're Beth Spotswood and Eve Batey, two San Francisco-based writers/journalists who just need to blow of some steam. This is how we do it!
Join English barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, editor, award-winning tech journalist and sometime werewolf-hunter Charles Christian for one hour of folklore, urban myths, arcane history, geek culture and the weird. "Fun and high strangeness" is how one listener described the show. Called “The Today Show of the paranormal and supernatural” and “a fabulously atmospheric and over-flowing with esoteric info-show well loved by the geekiverse” – it has been rated as one of the Top ...
Join host Scott Aukerman ("Comedy Bang! Bang!" on IFC, "Mr. Show") for a weekly podcast that blends conversation and character work from today's funniest comedians. While Scott begins by traditionally interviewing the celebrities, the open-door policy means an assortment of eccentric oddballs can pop by at any moment to chat, compete in games, and engage in comic revelry. With all that, and regular bonus episodes, we bet your favorite part will still be the plugs!
Every month or so, hosts Nick and various members of Pubtrotters meet up in a friendly pub with a different co-host and guests to talk about the wonderful and weird world of pubs and beer. With segments such as the Newst of the month, First of age pub order and Pub Lovers corner, why don't you join us for a cheeky half?
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FLORIDA FRIDAY - Floridaman arrested for sitting on a woman at the gym. Floridaman stabs woman in the head with a fork over undercooked potato. Florida trampoline park brawl involving 200 children. Florida woman dials wrong number for 20 years and builds friendship with a stranger. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a c…
Welcome to the Backpage News Show, where hosts Jacob Racco and John Balser of the Down to the Wire podcast welcome on comedians and discuss the odd news stories happening around the world. This week we welcome on Hamilton native Eric Johnston and in this clip we talk about the legend of his father Bullwhip Danny Johnston, former professional wrestl…
You’re listening to CreepGeeks Podcast This is Season 6 Episode 229: Cryptidcon 2021, Mountain Monsters, Wild Bill's Clock, Old Friends, New Friends, and Paranormal Podcasting Thank you to our Patreon Supporters: Dav, Isiss, James, Bobby, John, and John! Want to Support the podcast? Join us on Patreon! CreepGeeks Paranormal and Weird News is creati…
Podcasting royalty Jimmy Pardo and Danielle Koenig join Scott to talk about Danielle’s new podcast How to Survive with Danielle and Kristine, who’s on Mount Rushmore 2.0, and the earliest invention. Then, a Potato drops by to talk about missing their family. Plus, Mickey Babyboy stops by to talk about how he became The Seltzer King of Miami.…
DC Comics Episode 388 is Patreon Only because that's what we do every Annuals Week. You can listen to the 7 HOUR 22 MINUTE (!) Show @ for as little as $1/Month right now! Here are the time stamps for Episode 388: 0:00:00 - Intro 0:16:32 - Justice League Incarnate #1 0:49:07 - Batman: Fear State Omega #1 1:15:34 - Batman 202…
You can watch this episode here: On a dull and overcast morning on Tuesday the 28th of june 1887, a curious situation occured at a lodging house in the east end of London. The body of a young woman was found on her bed in her lodging house. Her skin was quickly eroding from her face and arms. What had happened to this w…
Nurses are leaving the profession in droves, driven by extremely difficult pandemic-related working conditions. We invited nurses to call in and talk about the state of their profession. On today's show, Pat Kane, executive director of the New York State Nurses Association, discusses some of the reasons why nurses are quitting and what can be done …
No one in Tillamook County even suspected the “Lee Film Company” was a front for government Prohibition enforcement until the trap was sprung ... but it has to have been the most expensive law enforcement operation in the county's history. (Tillamook, Tillamook County; 1920s) (For text and pictures, see…
Here’s a cool thing: some listeners asked me to share my essay on forgiveness in a stand alone piece so they could send it to friends and family who had been forgiving with them over the years like an audio thank you card. So, by request, I’m sharing the uncut (and actually expanded) version of the piece I wrote first for the podcast and then for T…
Doctor in Austria fines for amputating patient's wrong leg. Police take a hamster into protective custody following DUI. Snow storm forces people overnight stay in IKEA. Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin. Show your SUPPORT by joining …
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