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Where I'm Calling From

Where I'm Calling From

Megan Koester and Clare O'Kane

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Once a week, Megan Koester (writer, comedian, mommy) and Clare O'Kane (writer, comedian, big daddy) catch up with each other on the telephone. That's right, these are RECORDED TELEPHONE CALLS for YOUR(?) enjoyment. Mostly just a self-indulgent excuse to talk to each other on a weekly basis. The conversations will be funny, dumb, and most certainly tedious. We hope you likey.
Meet people who are building a life with creativity which positively impacts real people in the world around us. Listen to voices who matter from people who take their place in this world seriously, and also maintain a joy and curiosity about the world. On this show, creativity meets impact, one cup of tea at a time.
Welcome to the Social Impact CEO Podcast, where conscious entrepreneurs raise money and change the world. On this podcast social entrepreneur Will Sacks gives strategies, tactics & success stories aimed at helping you raise money to build your dream company. Also featuring interviews with successful social impact founders creating companies that matter, and behind the scenes discussion of social entrepreneurship.
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Captured in under 60 minutes, this episode finds Marcus Olang', a Kenyan photographer and media personality whose words storify his photography. His work behind the lens and his journey to speaking up has led him to have a life of advocacy and impact beyond the frame. Episode Notes: To connect with Marcus - Stills By Marcus Read his musings on Beyo…
In a two-part interview, Side B finds Melissa Mbugua and I chatting about creative business in Africa and building houses so that people can do things. We also talk about what choosing work inspired by play looks like and delve deeper into what heavy duty imagination business really looks like. Episode Notes: To connect with Melissa Mbugua Melissa …
In a two-part interview, Side A finds Melissa Mbugua and I chatting about beating impostor syndrome and building a strong voice against climate change as residents of earth. We also talk about the long game and hard work, living in the "Two Years Ago was 2017" mindset and delve into what heavy duty imagination business really looks like. Episode No…
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