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Zen ist nichts Besonderes. Zen ist Alltag. Alltag ist Zen. Im Alltag zeigt sich, was an der Zen-Praxis dran ist. Es geht nicht darum, cool zu sein. Es geht nicht darum, in einer Robe auf einem Kissen zu sitzen und wie ein Samurai auszusehen. Es geht um etwas ganz anderes. Es geht um etwas ganz einfaches. Es geht um dich und mich. Jetzt, hier, in diesem Leben.
Rinzan Pechovnik is the head priest and primary teacher at No-Rank Zendo, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist Community in Portland, Oregon. His Dharma talks explore various aspects of Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice, spirituality and religion. He emphasizes practice as a means to develop and cultivate a tender open-heartedness that allows a deep engagement with a troubled world. http://www.norankzendo.org
Ordinary Mind Zendo's podcast will play Dharma talks from Zen teacher and psychoanalyst Barry Magid. Barry Magid is a Dharma heir of Charlotte Joko Beck. These talks address a psychologically minded Zen practice adapted to the needs of American students practicing in the context of their everyday lives. Though much of the material here is specific to Zen practice, non Zen folk will find it interesting as well, as it addresses issues of our shared humanity. New episodes will generally be uplo ...
ZENdero bambú

ZENdero bambú

Dario Arnau Scapellatto

Hàng tháng
ZENdero Bambú es un podcast que nace de las ganas y la curiosidad de descubrir y saber quienes somos, de donde venimos y como funcionamos. El conocimiento y la sabiduría es fundamental para crecer como especie y seres humanos. Sabemos que la vida es un balance entre cuerpo, mente y espíritu, ojalá este podcast contribuya o aporte un poco de luz a tu trayecto. Soy Dario Arnau Scapellato y te invito para que aprendamos juntos en este sendero llamado vida.
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Today we will again walk through the Door of the Vimalakirti Sutra. Here, at Gate 9, we again find many very excellent responses by a bunch of very wise Bodhisattvas (after all, they are big time Bodhisattvas, so not amateurs! ) Does the lay person Vimalakirti truly "best" them at the end? Here are some good examples of what the Bodhisattvas said..…
In this Teisho, given on Feb. 27th, 2022, Rinzan Pechovnik Osho examines The Blue Cliff Record, Case 82: Tairyu's "Indestructible Dharma Body." Facing the fundamental religious question, "What is it when all things die?" we are compelled to face a power greater than ourselves and that, indeed, is our very selves.…
Rinzan Osho gave the following Teisho on January 14th, 2022, closing day of No-Rank Zendo's Rohatsu Sesshin examining Case 19 of the Mumonkan: "Orindary Mind is Tao." We do the hard work of spiritual practice to find the mystery lies in all things already surrounding us and our very natural, caring attention to them.…
Rinzan Osho gave the following Teisho on January 13th, 2022, on day 6 of No-Rank Zendo's Rohatsu Sesshin examining Case 77 of the Hekiganroku: "Ummon's 'A Sesame Bun.'" We long for more complete intimacy with our lives. When the membrane that separates us falls away, we are complete and unseparated.Bởi Rinzan Pechovnik
Rinzan Osho gave the following Teisho on January 12th, 2022, on day 5 of No-Rank Zendo's Rohatsu Sesshin examining Case 76 of the Hekiganroku: "Tanka's 'Have You Had Your Dinner?'" We work at removing the ego membrane that compels a sense of separateness from the world. Practice brings us closer into intimacy with the great mystery and unknowblae i…
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