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Special feature episode with guests: Ryan Laracy (You Legends) and Jaap Badlands (We The Elusive). That's their current band names in brackets there before but really the thing that links their creative DNA to Cam and Timmy is the 4 of them all did another podcast back in the day called Bommyknockers. This episode doesn't have any 'news' its Cam an…
In this episode Cam & Timmy discuss Morgan Freeman's bee sanctuary, an accidental circumcision, Nicolas Cage's 4 Day Marriage, A 30 year old Garfield phone mystery, Irishman pleasures himself to death, a man who proposed to the wrong woman, a rogue swan, and a murder by Penis?
Cam and Timmy discuss a boy saved by a friendly bear, a bragging ninja, the Soulja Boy console, drunk driver looses wheel and doesn't notice, The US Office saves a life, worlds loneliest duck found dead, deadly spaghetti & a Prime Minister with morals
Cam and Timmy discuss a lady cooking her husband, No Nut November, The brain staying alive once the body dies, the statue of a soccer player that looks nothing like him, the large ostrich egg being served as breakfast at a cafe, dart players breaking wind, Chinese inventor making useless inventions, guy plays piano to elephants and prison inmates c…
We chat about a few things including: The Royals in Melbourne, Adidas releasing Waterboy merch, An Emotional Support Squirrel getting kicked off a flight, The Vulva Scarf, A Sculpture Stuntman in Wellington, A New Horror series that's been making people faint and most importantly the fact that the Disturbed singer, 45, has decided it's time to remo…
Jade from DICKLORD lets us hang out with her at her Tattoo Removal Studio - LAZER ERAZER and we discuss Ghost Rhymes, Lindsay Lohan, The Elderly man who loved making love but also passed away doing it and a kayaker getting slapped in the face by a seal holding an octopus.
We did our show in front of a live audience in Melbourne at a pub called Old Bar and had a few people jump up to tell us the news they like. Ended up chatting about River Cops, Real Estate Booboo, Fake Foot found in a river, a guy putting 15 boiled eggs up inside himself and a bunch of other stuff.
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