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Tired of sports talk radio? Come to the Gshow, the unfiltered sports talk show. I am an 18-year-old kid who is a sports wiz and has hopes of making it big in the sports media business. Tune in and support the journey!!! Go follow me @ gshow_22 Instagram Cover art photo provided by Joel Filipe on Unsplash:
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Hello everyone, welcome to the Gshow. In today's episode, I wrapped up the 2022 NBA Semifinals. The series between the Celtics vs Bucks and Mavericks vs Suns is over. There was a surprise finish to the series and a very happy win for me. I covered the last game of each series and who I think will win the conference finals between Mavericks vs Warri…
Hello everyone, thank you for tuning into the Gshow. Today's episode is about the 2022 Nba playoffs. I cover briefly the series that just finished up and the matchups that finish today. I give an overview of who I think will win today's matchups and why. I also discuss why I think the 76ers lost and why I think the Phoenix suns have a chance to pus…
Hello viewer, my name is Garrett the host of the Gshow. I wanted to start a mini-series covering the steelers as they progress through the season. Each episode will contain me going over the game, the positives, and the negatives. What I see and what can be improved. I think I just want to get my thoughts off my chest. I hope you guys enjoy it!!!…
Hello everyone, welcome back to the Gshow I am your host Garrett. If you guys haven't checked out the first episode of the " Rebuilder Series I would do that before watching this one. Today, we tackle the NY Jets, as messy as a franchise the jets tend to be. The Jets aren't unsavable by any means. Today, I am going to save the Jets and get them goi…
Hey everyone, welcome back to the Gshow. I know it has been quite sometime but I am excited as ever to be back behind a microphone. I think the new rebuilder series is something everyone will enjoy. I think a lot of people wish they could be the gm of their favorite team. This rebuilder series is all about me picking a team and becoming the gm. Tak…
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