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About Soulfood The Soulfood radio show goes out on New Style Radio every week between Saturday midnight and 2am Sunday morning. The show is brought to you by Damien Deighan & DJ Ayo and features the best in new & current Soul, Funk & House music. You can access the show in the Birmingham area on 98.7 fm or via the web at On the Soulfood show you will hear music from right across the black music spectrum. On the first hour of the show expect to hear true variety including Nu Soul, funk, Soulful R & B/Hip-Hop and the more leftfield sounds of Broken Beat & Nu Jazz. The second hour is all about house music as we each take it in turns to lay down a 25 minute mix of our favourite current Deep & Soulful House tunes. The emphasis is mainly on newer music with a classic or two thrown in for good measure. So inject some proper soul into your weekend and come and join us on New Style Radio for some serious Soulfood! Just a final note to say that the pre-podcast archive of the shows can be found at: 158330960&blogID=303418146 or click on the Favourite Link below. Love & Peace to you all Damien & DJ Ayo About New Style Radio: New Style 98.7 FM, launched on 14th August 2002, and was born out of 15 years of short term radio broadcasting and training. It is the only radio station in the second city that is dedicated solely to black music. To all those who wish to send a friend invitation, if you use the N word in your music or mix, don't bother to get in touch. Thank you.

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