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Pastor Ralph Gerard is awakening, engaging and activating people's best self. This winning program is equipping people to live everyday life at the top level. Through the use of the unchanging power principles of God's Word, Pastor Ralph is mobilizing people to achieve a maximized and fulfilled lifestyle. Everyday people tune in and "uncover" their unique supernatural and spiritual power; their built-in destiny awaiting the opportunity to express itself.
Ralph Gerard Radio - Positive, Motivating and Liberating Wisdom Designed To Answer Some Of Life's Most Challenging Situations. Victorious Living and Confident Expectation of Blessings, Success and Reward.
Join the growing family at Ralph Gerard Radio and turn on the switch of creativity, productivity and faith.
Pastor Ralph Radio - Affirming constructive attitudes and values. Emphasizing priorities, health, family, right thinking, commitment, financial integrity, relationships, generosity and growth.
Ralph Gerard Radio - An Experience of Change...

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