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You know all those topics that you wish they'd taught you in school? Well we've got you covered. Tune in and follow along as we help you 'adult' better. Sit down with Drew and guests as they cover some of the best topics and ideas for bettering your business and quality of life. Some episodes will cover broad topics such as starting a new business, improving an existing one, creating side hustles, marketing in today's digital age, personal finance including investment decisions, and different methods of self improvement. Some episodes will cover niche topics and industries like; day trading the different asset classes (stocks, options, futures, ETFs, etc), how to master the art of the first impression, and how to apply different psychology breakthroughs to your marketing campaigns. Regardless of your experience level, all of our content will be aimed at helping you improve your bottom line. Many of the episodes will include guests, while some of them will be solo. Our host, Drew Marshall, is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and family man. He has almost a decade of experience investing in different asset classes and has passed the FINRA Series 3 & 34 examinations. He's also invested in a few start-ups and has founded a couple companies of his own, all of which have helped him hone skills in a wide range of industries, from online marketing to manufacturing and retail/e-commerce. Drew is also a top contributor to "FX Trader Magazine", which is a quarterly digital and print publication aimed at helping readers understand the current global investment climate in order to better predict moves in the currency market as well as global bond and equities markets. Twitter: www.twitter.com/drewtalksbiz Instagram: instagram.com/drewtalksbiz Contact email: drew@drewtalksbusiness.com

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