Mental Wellness Mondays - 5 Foods to Boost Your Mental Health with Miles Jacob

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This week on Mental Wellness Mondays, we feature some great advice on nutrition and exercise from Miles Jacob, a passionate nutrition and exercise professional and the founder and head wellness coach at Miles Jacob Wellness Company. Miles outlines 5 foods he personally recommends to boost your overall mental wellness as well as the mental health benefits of exercise.
Remember you can find mental health resources as well as a submission form (if you would like to send in a question) on our website’s Help page here.

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00:00 – Intro.

02:48 - About Miles Jacob.

07:40 - 5 foods for the brain.

18:35 - Artificial Nutrient Supplements and wellness

24:53 - Benefits of exercise to mental wellness.

30:00 - Listener Question: Full awareness of self-sabotage

38:45 - Find/Contact Miles Jacob.

40:02 - Exercising with goals and purpose.

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