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Discover the mindset & skillset it takes for you to create your ideal leveraged lifestyle – whatever that might look like for you. Through leveraging Time, Money & Knowledge you can unlock your ultimate lifestyle, not just in business and work, but in your personal life too. Hosted by entrepreneur, speaker, world record holder, multiple business owner, wife, mum & globetrotter: Catherine Turner. You will hear interviews with masters of business, experts in their field, multimillionaires, world travelers and probably, a few curveballs along the way. Leveraged Lifestyle will distill for you how they’ve got there, what it took, how you can do it too, and what inspires, motivates and gets them in action to live their Ultimate Leveraged Lifestyle. Plus, practical episodes, tips and examples of how you can create your Ultimate Leveraged Lifestyle, whatever that might look like for you. Because I believe there is no one version. My mission with this Podcast, is, to enable everyone to live their Ultimate Leveraged Lifestyle, and to give you all of the tools and resources to help you get there. To continue the conversation & be part of the Leveraged Lifestyle Online Global Community, join us at bit.ly/llocfbgroup

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