The Boundaries Babe

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I'm JillianChristy, personal boundaries coach, author, and podcaster. I spent the majority of my life giving to others, until I was depleted. In 2019, I had the breakthrough which changed my life. I realized: 1) My relationships, health and wellness, finances and career were suffering. I was giving away my energy, time, money and resources, receiving nothing in return. 2) I lacked personal and professional boundaries in my life. During some personal development work, I recalled an event which held me small for almost 30 years. This awakening prompted me to create boundaries in my life. What I noticed in this process: 1) My husband and daughter were no longer using me as a doormat. Our communication became clear, concise and empowered. 2) My health became a priority with implementation of fitness and a nutrition plan. 3) I chose to stop living in scarcity. Instead, I decided to take control of my finances, opening up space for abundance and prosperity to enter. 4) I took a leap of faith, leaving a job situation that wasn't aligned for me. Instead choosing to design a career I am passionate about. Magic happened revealing to me a life I love rather than the life I existed in. WHAT I DO: I support clients in learning what's in their gap. I help you realize that even when you don't know what you don't know, there is work that can be done. I am heart centered and compassionate yet firm with my clients. I am here to support you in creating the life you desire. WHY IT WORKS: I am not here to coddle you along. There is no point in going deep if you're not going to do anything with it. Setting boundaries is healthy. It's about learning to respect and take care of yourself. WHAT I OFFER: It all starts with a conversation. I am here to make a difference. Let's talk about the type of coaching that works for you and explore the possibilities of getting you started. CONTACT ME: Message me here or email me at

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