Adventures of Moose and Goose

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Adventures of Moose and Goose is a serialized science fiction podcast for kids that focuses on two sisters with super smarts. Moose, the 5 year old tech whiz created a time machine for her and her sister Goose to go on adventures. Goose is one of the leading history experts in the world and she's only 9 years old! Together they were recruited by the Department of Advanced Technology and tasked with exploring history while chasing down the fiendish Frederick Bottomquack. Join them as they travel through time and learn all about history and science from the people who made it… and that’s just the first two episodes! Adventures of Moose and Goose was inspired by The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, Stories Podcast, Wow in the World, Brains On!, Good Job Brain, and other great kid friendly podcasts.

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