Detox Mans!on with Gaz

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Named after a Warren Zevon song, Detox Mans!on first aired in June 2007 and is still going strong. Covering nearly all forms of music with a mix of old and new, is a “no-format format” where anything + everything is played. With a strong New Zealand flavour the show has regular specials relevant to the time of year or theme and is never afraid to mix it up! Hosted by Garry (Gaz) Thomas, Detox Mans!on is a labour of love that gives Gaz a chance to put his creative soul to work and strive to present a programme that is an enjoyable listening experience for all. As a 2010 NZ Radio Award finalist Gaz has proved his worth as a radio presenter, and enjoys the flexibility of hosting his own radio programme. If you can’t catch the show live, subscribe to the podcasts below and never miss a beat! Or tune in to Detox Mans!on each Thursday at 6pm and repeated Thursdays 11pm and Fridays 8am. Hit up Detox Mans!on on their facebook page at

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