Vasilios Birlidis Presents: Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge- The Gayest Man in the United Kingdom

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There is a new Queen in the United Kingdom! His name is Dr. Sebastian Brakenridge and the world has fallen in love with him.

Hailing from the Scottish, Highlands, Dr. Brakenridge is incredibly intelligent, gay as the day is long, ruggedly handsome, unnervingly charming, and.... well, did we mention... very....very gay?

A graduate of Oxford University*, Dr. Sebastian Brakenridge is a world-renowned supernatural/demigod historian, a social media influencer and a pet video aficionado. Known for his hysterical take on the things that go bump and sometimes burb in the night, Dr. Brakenridge's sold-out lecture series provides an unvarnished and very revealing take on the supernatural, providing the kind insights that are not spoken of in polite company. He is also known for never being late for dinner and being a few sandwiches short a picnic.

His current lecture series, "Exploring Olympus", knocks the Olympian Gods off their lofty pedestals as Dr. Brakenridge dishes about what really happened after Olympus fell.

A perfect parody of a very British radio program, Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge- The Gayest Man in the United Kingdom will leave you wondering..."Will I ever get the time back I wasted listening to that WANKER..."*

*Maybe/Maybe Not

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