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Welcome to This Is Not Happening: an album of the month podcast with four massive music fans that have been talking and blogging about their favourite records for the last ten years together. An exiled Londoner in the North (Guy), a Leeds scriptwriter (David), ex-housemates in Leeds Joey and Nolan whose paths all crossed through music, be it festivals, DJing, gigs, or just sitting at home listening to entire albums without talking. Music is the bedrock of our friendship. The podcast name nods to our one nailed-on shared love: LCD Soundsystem, but our tastes are wide, sometimes odd, and often not the same! From bass to balearic, disco to dub, house to hip-hop, folk to funk, pop to punk, and rock to r'n'b, we'll all have music to champion, ready to be blessed or butchered by each other. Each episode we'll be talking freely about our album of the month, and what we've been listening to lately. The conversation twists and turns, and while we are serious about music, it's not so much that we can't enjoy ourselves talking about it, in fact it's why we do it. For everything we've loved in the past years, check out, which will run alongside the podcast choices and much, much more. So why not join us for the conversation. It will always be lively....

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