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Everyone remembers the curtain call, but what goes on during the build-up towards that penultimate moment? What ensues when you get a celebrated author to open up for a heart-to-heart? The Teamwork Arts podcast promises to offer a slew of cross-genre conversations that go beyond the labels one tends to attach to creative endeavors. This is an ideal show for when you want to sit in on captivating, enthralling, and sometimes downright hilarious conversations with professionals from all across the arts spectrum getting candid about their experiences and musings. Whether it’s an artiste opening up about their trials and tribulations, or a festival organizer revealing the behind-the-scenes madness of a mammoth event, this podcast attempts to lift the curtain and explore the thoughts behind the actions that animate the arts. Be it music, theatre, prose, or verse, get acquainted with artists, arts moguls, éminence grises, industry veterans, and unsung heroes of the art world in this brand new weekly podcast. Tune in once a week to listen to these brilliant minds sharing their views and reviews, hits and misses, and delving into the juicy details of trending topics in free-flowing, open, and honest dialogues. Hosted by music programmer and veteran broadcaster Sarthak, the podcasts reveal some of the inner workings and goings-on in various facets of the arts.

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