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Flexible productivity strategies for faith based business and work from home network marketing momlife. Are you tired of spinning your wheels with no direction on how to grow an authentic business you love, what actions will be the best investment of your time, and how to make the most of working your business in those small pockets of your crazy momlife day? Do you wish there was a roadmap for how to make time management work for you, instead of adding to your anxiety and overwhelm? Are you hoping that there’s a simple and flexible way to master productivity with a step by step framework that teaches you how to work smarter than the rest, so you don’t have to work harder than the rest? Do you want to grow a successful and sustainable business without being a slave to the hustle, tied to your phone, or sacrificing time spent with family or neglecting your self-care? Hey mama, I’m Melodie Bishop and I’m so excited that you’re here on the Abundant MomLife for Network Marketers show. I remember what it felt like to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and running on empty each day - struggling to balance my work from home mom life. I wanted so badly to build a business legacy that allowed me the time and financial freedom to design a life I love. Traditional time management and productivity methods just weren’t working for me or the majority of my team who were also stay at home moms. These frameworks were unrealistic for the average mom working from home juggling all the things. So, after much trial and error, I discovered the secret to finding harmony in growing a successful and sustainable business and momlife, my S.O.S. Abundance Framework. This framework teaches network marketing moms how to master flexible productivity strategies that help you simplify, optimize, and systemize so you can live abundantly! As I began to implement these strategies in my business and momlife my days grew more joyful and my business grew more profitable. Training my team to follow these success systems allowed them to get better organized, so they could focus their efforts on creating a business that compliments their lifestyle, rather than wasting time testing out strategies that in the long run keep them stuck. These systems ignited the power of duplication, blessing me with one of the fastest growing lineages in my company. This momentum resulted in a huge milestone in my journey, reaching the top 1% of my network marketing company. Inside this podcast you will find productivity tips and organization hacks to help you get your time freedom back. You‘ll discover the helpful tools, habits and routines, income producing activities, and business systems I use to build a successful and sustainable business model. You will learn how to get unstuck using techniques and mindset shifts to get your mind right, get your time right, and get your priorities right. You’ll be introduced to special guests who will share their wisdom to inspire you to grow on your journey. You will be motivated to rise up in your God given potential, know your worth, and walk in your purpose with fierce boldness. I believe it’s no coincidence that you were drawn to this podcast. I believe God led you here to help you have breakthrough in both your business and momlife. We are daughters of the King on a mission to be light bearers in a dark world. You matter. Your calling matters. You are an important piece in someone’s puzzle. So, go ahead and adjust your crown, warm up that coffee, and let’s dive into the show. Connect With Me: https://abundantmomlife.com Join the Community: fb.com/groups/abundantmomlife Join My Team: https://abundantmomlife.com/invitation Create Your Productivity Plan: https://abundantmomlife.com/productivity My Fav Biz Tools: https://abundantmomlife.com/tools Vacation Incentive Marketing: https://abundantmomlife.com/vacation

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