Off The Table: A Global Surgery Podcast

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We are a diverse group of people who deeply care about improving access to surgical care worldwide and believe that those solutions come from the ground up. Our mission is to create an environment to have safe conversations about equitable surgical care globally. To give a voice to surgical providers on the ground to express the challenges of delivering surgical care in their contexts. To highlight equitable global surgical partnerships, free from neocolonialism. To offer evidence-based approaches to building capacity in surgical care and to be impactful by sending a call to action after each conversation. Contact: instagram: ott_globalsurgery twitter: OFFTHETABLE_POD email: patreon: Contributors (On Behalf of the Global Surgery Lab): Founders: Dr. Emilie Joos, Dr. Shahrzad Joharifard, Dr. Alreem Al Hinai Hosts: Dr. Emilie Joos, Dr. Alreem Al Hinai, Paul Rakoczy, Amuna Ma Editor: Dr. Cara Weessies Social Media Team: Bita Mojtahedzadeh, Selina Park, Sheila Lam, Catherine Binda, Lydia Feng, Noah Boroditsky Guest Research Team: Mariah Moti, Mathilde Bilau, Muntha Shoaib, Rachel Livergant, James Kennedy Show Notes: James Kennedy

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