The Ape and Pony Show: A Podcast about NFTs

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The world's first podcast to be hosted by a Bored Ape, The Ape and Pony Show. The host of The Ape and Pony Show, Bored Ape #672, more affectionately known as B.P., is owned by the show's creator. B.P. was the 672nd member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and is looking forward to sharing his journey into NFTs and the BAYC with listeners. This show explores world-class performers in the NFT space. We take deep dives with NFT investors and gamers, project creators, digital artists, founders, builders, technologists and futurists. The visionaries leading the way and laying the early bricks in the foundations of the Metaverse for generations to come. While guests and content are not exclusive to The Bored Ape Yacht Club and ZED Run, these two overlapping communities and NFT projects are featured often as well as partner projects, derivative projects, creators and community leaders from BAYC and ZED.The Ape and Pony Show is the original show on YouTube and Apple iTunes to be hosted by a Bored Ape; however, this podcast is not affiliated with The Bored Ape Yacht Club or ZED Run in any way. All opinions are those of the show's host and guests. B.P. and his guests are not registered investment advisors. Nothing discussed should be relied on for investment decisions, nor is it investment advice. This show is solely for information and entertainment only.

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