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This Podcast is for Widows finding their way through the loss of a Spouse. Weekly Episodes are released every Thursday. I Coach from my Journey of loss to successfully moving from Recovery to Transformational change. The Framework used is ' Widow Recovery Secrets.' The vision is to walk along side, get results in areas of Change that widows require at a given time. Holistically reinventing self in areas of Faith ,Family, Fitness, Friendship and Finance. The Tagline is 'Dare To Dream Again' This Podcast will give you self help information for whatever stage you are at as a Widow. Whatever age you are, you will find a topic relevant to you. As a Mental Health Professional, in the field for over 25 years, I am a seasoned Mentor and Coach. I offer Coaching to Single Women and Widows transitioning. This is offered one to one and in groups. I facilitate a monthly Widow Support Group. This offers the opportunity for widows to meet online and empower each other. Visit my New Website at walkingoutofwidowhood.com To have access to one to one Q&As with me and more resources, Subscribe below to our Podcast by copying the link below https://coaching.walkingoutofwidowhood.net/bmcpodcastslibsyn

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