Power of Pure Presence

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What if you could live more fully now? What if you could live from a place of peaceful power? What if you could learn to live more in the moment? Check out my new show Power of Pure Presence. I used to live my life in the future. I was "destination addicted." In other words, I was so focused on some future goal, I devalued the present moment. I was in essence, living in the future. I would create a lot of resistance in myself. It caused me a lot of problems and discontent. This is why I am launching this show. I want to help you alleviate this discontent and appreciate the moment more. I want you to fall in love with the process of living and avoid the trap of obsessive future focus. The Power of Pure Presence is going to ensure you are more in the present moment and enjoying the journey. After all, your fulfillment is right now. You can't get to a future moment to make now better. Now, can only get better right now when you learn to live more fully in the moment. Note: This show streams on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube, e360tv, & Facebook. What you are hearing is the raw unedited audio. When there are long pauses or technical issues, we invite you to use these moments to pause and breathe. In other words, use the pauses to practice presence in real-time. My intention is that show turns into practice for your real-life situations. Let's harness the Power of Pure Presence during each show.

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