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My wife and I started focusing on Bible prophecy, several years ago. We have been Bible believing Christians for our adult life. We love Jesus and are anxiously awaiting his soon return. When I retired I had spare time to study Bible prophecy in depth. My goal was to only use God’s Holy Word… the Bible as my text book. The Internet has played a significant role in my research. What I learned in my journey is that God has unlocked the Book of Daniel in these end days… see Dan 12:4 “But you, Daniel, roll up and Seal the Words of the scroll until the Time of the End.” I want to share with you the prophecy understanding that I have been privileged to learn by God’s Grace. We are truly living in earth’s last days. Just look at the sinful violence all around us. Let’s get prepared for Jesus’ Return. My prayer is that you carefully and thoughtfully review these videos – I am not a professional speaker or video producer.

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