Compost your gender, an interview with Contàmina Perpétua of Las Marikarmen

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Donatella Mysecrets and Coco Jem Holiday interview Contàmina Perpétua of Las Markiarmen. Excerpt from their website:

Las Marikarmen is a collective, feminist and queer project in which music, performance, drag, and living together are mixed. It aspires to provide a space for dissident identities in the rural area of Collserola (Barcelona). We organize ourselves horizontally and bring this concept to the stage, where we all sing, dance, play instruments, do performance, video… and whatever else it takes! In the House of Las Marikarmen there’s our mother, Lady Marikarmen, a great pioneer in the transfeminist world. After her death, we want to honor her legacy and continue her fight: to destroy the hetero-patriarchy, cis-normality and the forced binary. tel:+34658955471

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