Sci-fi and Fantasy for Peasants

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Science fiction and fantasy can imagine many things–impossible worlds, unthinkable technology, fantastic creatures, magic, gods and monsters–but for some reason, a lot of SFF authors have a hard time imagining stories about poor people. Fantasy stories often focus on royalty. Sci-fi protagonists tend to be middle or upper class: tenured professors, scientists, white-collar astronauts, federal agents, military officers, that kind of thing. Even when a story starts with a poor protagonist, by the end they’ve usually achieved knighthood or become captain of a spaceship or something like that. But what’s wrong with writing about poor people or working class people? Don’t they have stories worth telling?


About Rite Gud: Raquel S. Benedict is an author, appearing in Fantasy and Science Fiction and Gardner Dozois’ The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year’s Best Science Fiction. Matt Keeley, founder of Kittysneezes, is producing Rite Gud for KS Media, LLC. Rite Gud is a Kittysneezes production. If you have questions, comments and concerns, email ritegud – at – kittysneezes – dot – com. Rite Gud is also on Patreon, at Patrons receive access to the official Kittysneezes Discord, exclusive episodes and more.

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