Chinatown Heroes: Manhattan Chinatown in the 1990s

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Chinatown Heroes was published in Chinese in 2020 and recently translated into an English edition in 2021. This book describes a selection of community heroes, from the unique viewpoint of Wai Wah Chan, a Chinese community newspaper journalist. Chinatown Heroes tells the stories of Chinese American history, community campaigns for voter registration, fights against discrimination, and China-related news issues. Stories and photos of numerous, diverse community organizations are included: CCBA, Chinese Federation, OCA, AALDEF, CSWA, Chinese CLUW, CPC, AAFE, CMP, Charles B. Wang Health Clinic, Chinese Veterans Association, MOCA, Chinatown Social Security office, Ze Xu Lin Foundation, Chinatown Partnership...and many more, including key individual leaders. While no single book can tell the whole story, this is an excellent introduction to many of the thousands upon thousands of Chinatown community heroes.

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