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Behind the men and women who serve our country and go on to become veterans are the family members who stay up nights praying, fill out mountains of endless paperwork, scour the internet researching experimental services and patiently love them back together again. If that’s you, we want to say welcome! We spotlight nonprofit organizations that provide guidance and resources, features military spouse and caregivers’ stories using powerful storytelling, empowers and educates veterans and caregivers by providing resources to navigate mental health and TBI-related issues. Join us weekly as we share our wisdom, learnings, and hearts for the spouses and families struggling to get ahead of the next episode, procedure, or silent night. We provide caregiver coaching corner with A Joyful Life with Jennifer that focuses on providing a space of wellness for veteran caregivers employing wellness coachingto reduce stress and increase energy utilizing the three pillars of living: the mind, the body, and the soul.Our Nutrition Minute with Meg Reichert helps caregivers uncover the ties between mental health and nutrition and how to conquer the two as you go through the transitioning ups and downs of life. This is a place where we’ll be real with you from our own lives and hope to captivate you and help you see that you’re not alone in your healing.Our mission is to educate, support, and advocate for veterans and their caregivers. We accomplish this using a series of educational and engaging podcasts aimed specifically at veterans and their families, and through programs to help them understand their challenges and find the right support system.

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