Fotobug Episode 301 - Review Luna Display

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The Luna Display was a Kickstarter project from Astropad and currently sells for $129 - . Jim was a backer of the project and presents a review of the Luna Display HDMI verision for the PC. The Luna Display comes in two versions, one for the HDMI port and another for the USB-C port, so be sure to purchase the one that will work best on your PC or Mac. For the upcoming Holiday this might make a nice present for the photographer who uses a laptop! It will extend the laptop display to an iPad!

Coming up on December 10th, Skylum Software is sponsoring a Photo Walk at Fort De Soto park in St. Petersburg, FL with Jim and Fred. There will be prizes and free versions of Luminar AI for those who register. CLICK HERE to register and get your free software! Hope to see you there!

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