Mesmerizing Lead Magnets

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As a business owner, you are likely familiar with the concept of lead magnets and have found a way to use them in your business. It’s a simple concept of offering something to potential clients for free in order to attract leads. However, the mistake many people make is to take this simple concept and ruin it by overcomplicating the offer. Using this type of marketing tool is where you can become laser-focused - the more specific your offer becomes, the more reasons people want to join it. There are four simple principles when it comes to lead magnets. If you follow them, you’ll have a mechanism to provide a valuable experience and have clients wanting more from you before you even make an offer.

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Today, I explore the concept of using lead magnets to attract clients and how many people use them incorrectly. I share why you need to simplify your offer and solve a specific problem when creating your lead magnets. I share why narrowing your offer brings the right clients through the sales process and how you can establish your expertise to make an effective lead magnet. I also reveal the phrases you can use to create the need for more and what you can do now to start building that ‘snowball effect’ for your hypnosis business.

“You want to deliver everything you promised yet you also want to create a need for even more.” - Jason Linett

This week on Hypnotic Language Hacks Podcast:

  • The concept of a lead magnet
  • How lead magnets are often used incorrectly
  • Why your lead magnets need to be easy to digest
  • Why lead magnets need to solve a specific problem to be effective
  • Why narrowing your offer makes it more likely to attract the right clients
  • How you can establish your expertise in your lead magnets
  • Phrasing you can use to create a need for more
  • What you can do now to start the ‘snowball effect’ in your hypnosis business

Four Principles of Mesmerizing Lead Magnets

  1. Easy to digest
  2. Solve a specific problem
  3. Establish expertise
  4. Create a need for more

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