Episode 372: LSL - Episode 372

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In the first Guest Host spot, Justin is joined by Brooker from the Character Unlock podcast.
Listen along as they talk about Colm and Justin's charity streams, exercise, Milton Keynes, how hot the Playstation 5 gets, and fools wrecking their new consoles for fun.
We have a few listener comments to go through, and the show runs for a little longer than usual.
If you're not following Brooker on Twitter then you can rectify that with @Brooker411. You can also check out the Character Unlock and Mild Threat and Peril podcasts.
If you'd like to send in any comments about this week's show then you can email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or tweet @lastsaveloaded or @Onyersix. You can also keep tabs on Colm with @Solm67.
If you'd like to check out our streaming then go to twitch.tv/onyersix and twitch.tv/solm67.

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