Episode 383: LSL - Episode 383

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Justin and Colm are here with a happy Features show for you this week.
LSL Has now been listed properly on Google Podcasts.
Colm's father went in to hospital.
Justin has been streaming, and making a massive mistake.
Colm has also been streaming, and making people very nervous about his sink.
Justin is working from home again.
Colm celebrates his mother's 80th birthday.
Justin is still applying for jobs, while Colm is applying to do some studying.
Also on the show this week, we take a look into Colm's Front Pocket.
Things we've been watching include Schitt's Creek, The Bay, Bridget Jones, Behind Her Eyes, Star Trek Below Decks, Wanda Vision, and Meet The Chimps.
We had a nice variety of things being watched by the listeners, so of course we will read them out. If you'd like to contact us then please email lastsavelaoded@gmail.com, or tweet @lastsavelaoded, @Onyersix, or @Solm67.
To catch our streams, it's twitch.tv/onyersix and twitch.tv/solm67.

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