LIT - We'n Playing Prod & Writ By L.I.T Created In Year 2000 *Cassette Edition*

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LIT Allows The World For The 1st Time ever To Experience His Own Personally Created Music He Recorded In The Year 2000 In His Recording Studio After He Had Mastered Making Beats From Scratch From His Mind Straight To A Grid Using Playstations Music Generator 2 And A Dual Cassette Karaoke Machine To Lay His Self Mastered Vocals Also, LIT Created This Song 7 Years Before His 1st Child Was Born When He Stopped Creating Music Period And By Then Had Transitioned Into Recording His Music Using Mp3 Format 5 Years Later Losing All Of His Mp3 Recorded Music In 2007 Due To His Hard Drive Crashing, Maybe 5 People In The Entire World Has Heard Any Of LIT's 100% Produced And 100% Written And 100% Composed Music
LIT Was Age 16 When He Composed This Song
Please Enjoy.
Snapchat: djlit_757 Livnintruth84, DJ L.I.T08, DJ L.I.T, Livnntruth

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