SF Giants win fourth straight, gain ground in wild card race

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They're not done yet. The San Francisco Giants needed to get hot in a hurry after a miserable start to the second half, and to they're credit they've been able to do it. The Giants won their fourth straight last night behind a gritty Alex Cobb, and improved to 7-2 since they were swept at home in a four-game series by the Dodgers. This is a soft pocket in the schedule, and it was clear that the SF Giants needed to take advantage. Fortunately, they've been able to do so over their last nine games. Now the challenge will be to keep it going.

It helps to have excellent starting pitching, and the Giants have quietly had that this year. It's been lost in the shuffle thanks to bad defense and a struggling bullpen dominating the conversation. But Cobb, Logan Webb, Carlos Rodón, Alex Wood, and Jakob Junis have been among the game's best. Cobb was supremely unlucky to start the year, but those sparking peripherals that were discussed ad nauseum early in the season have proved to be more predictive of his future ERA. Cobb has an ERA under 3.00 since late May, which the peripherals predicted.

Joey Bart continues to thrive since being called up from the Minors in early July. He has a 144 wRC+ since then, and importantly has only struck out about 31% of the time. That's still pretty high, but nowhere near the 45% rate he posted before being optioned to Sacramento.

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