Why the Wine Unboxing Experience Matters with Kim Connolly, Founder of Loupe Graphics

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Kim Connolly is the Founder and CEO of Loupe Graphics, a digital printing company focused on providing customizable packaging and prints for CPG and DTC brands. Kim is also the Founder of Sandbox, a printing company that creates a unique and personalized unboxing experience for wineries of all sizes.

Kim has over 30 years of experience in the printing and packaging industries. She has worked for companies such as Peet’s Coffee, Partner at Press, and has collaborated with countless wine brands. Kim is also the President of Books N Blankies, a nonprofit supporting literacy for children.

In this episode:

Have you ever had a subscription to a wine club? You wait all month for your box to arrive, full of exciting, new wines to try. It’s finally the day, and you see a plain, boring brown box on your doorstep. No personalization and no information about the winery — just bottles wrapped in bubble wrap. What if that could all change?

Kim Connolly had that situation happen to her one too many times. Having 30 years of experience in the printing and packaging industries, she decided to revolutionize the wine industry and founded Sandbox, an arm of Loupe Graphics. Sandbox allows wineries of all sizes full customization of their wine boxes that creates a unique and memorable unboxing experience for consumers. Kim’s here to share her story and tell you all about why the unboxing experience matters.

On this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks has a conversation with the Founder and CEO of Loupe Graphics, Kim Connolly. They discuss the impact of a good unboxing experience, tips for customer retention and engagement through packaging, the popularity of virtual tastings, and much more. You don’t want to miss this jam-packed episode!

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