The Lockdown by Ralph Wears

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‘The Lockdown’ begins in December 2019 and charts the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic and the effect it has on the lives of a middle-aged English couple and their relationship. Miles is in the process of expanding his estate agency business, and Suzanne, his neglected wife, wants a break from her charity work and is keen to take a holiday in Italy, whilst Miles prefers to concentrate on the development of his company. An unexpected opportunity arises for her to achieve her wish and this has a profound effect on their future relationship. Dealing with adult themes and containing some strong and graphic language, “The Lockdown” is the debut play by Ralph Wears. Ralph’s aim with this play was to document some of the events that took place during 2019-2020 and the impact the pandemic had on the characters in the play, as a reminder of this unique period in our history.

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