Talk Your SAAS with Jeneba Wint

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The Talk Your SAAS show features stories and conversations about what it really means for Black and Brown women to be successful in their careers. We talk about all the things it takes to climb to the top of the success ladder. The good, the glow up, the bad, the ugly, the traumatic, and how we heal and learn lessons along the way. We'll be doing amazing interviews with special guests, insiders, and tech industry experts who will be sharing their experiences, life lessons, failures, and successes as Black and Brown women, blazing trails, and breaking glass ceilings.We are creating a community. A safe space, for us to unapologetically share our stories, perspectives, and inspiration on everything from personal development, self-development, and career development. We're dedicated to curating the best resources, tips, interviews, and expert advice on self-mastery, self-care, self-development. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for Black and Brown women that are passionate about and deserving of self-development, self-actualization, and consistent self-improvement.Taking Up More Space & Talking My SAAS!Jeneba,Talk Your SAAS Show

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