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The Dirtbag's Radio Show (Formerly known as "Dirtbag Radio- Houston" ) has evolved as a comedy sex podcast, initially starting out as a project by 2 aspiring comedians and 2 strippers, putting out weekly podcast and cross promoting with local businesses around the Houston area, to grow into a very popular radio program, having real close ties to the night life club industry in Houston, Tx. Many hosts have came and left through out its initial start in 2010, as a spin off radio show, from a previously very popular sex comedy podcsat called the Men's View. It has then gained popularity for it's uncensored talks, it's random host's mentalities, and the unique celebrities that participated in the making of this project. Dirtbag Radio was picked up by a launching radio station by the name of radio 220 out of Pennsylvania, and then shortly also started broadcasting out of In it's first year, it was being broadcasted out of 2 online radio stations. While under the show production of Local Live Media, and, they received a nominated for Best Radio Program, and even though they did not win, the radio station itself, won best radio station in Houston, under the Houston Press Music Awards, beating out 4 local FM stations. Soon after, Dirtbag Radio joined forces with the Prestige Protainment group, a local Houston night life industry union, and has started doing projects in affiliation with the Ruben Stunner TV Show, Houston club nightlife Magazine, Act Badd Magazine, SkrewGFX graphic design team, Shot Caller Promotions, and the Siren Promo Girls. Together, offering an uncensored alternative for promotions and advertisement to the local Houston community. There has been a censorship of music in the Houston radio community for the past couple of years, corporations buying out locally owned radio station and changing the music selection. This station is here to showcase the Houston local talent and keep the local music and arts scene alive, for the future generations, and not be controlled and steered by corporate personnel, having no connection to the community.

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