Damon Lindelof Writing Star Wars Movie, Jane Campion's Comments on Williams Sisters, Amazon Buys MGM - THE HOT MIC with JEFF and JOHN

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On this episode of THE HOT MIC, Jeff Sneider and John Rocha talk Jane Campion's Comments about Sam Elliott and the Williams sisters, a new teaser trailer for Barry Season 3, Jared Leto Claiming that Marvel saved movie theaters, Karen Fukuhara physically attacked for being Asian, Amazon buying MGM, the trailers for We Own the City, Tokyo Vice and Gaslit, Damen Lindelof's Star wars project, Dark Water and X reviews, and more!

#StarWars #JaneCampion #Amazon


0:00 Intro and Rundown

2:38 Damon Lindelof Writing a Star Wars Movie

11:21 Jane Campion vs the Williams Sisters, Sam Elliott

19:18 Passing of William Hurt

26:08 Amazon Finalizes Purchase of MGM

35:03 Packers Trade Devante Adams to Las Vegas Raiders Reaction

38:09 Karen Fukuhara Attack and #StopAsianHate

42:56 Chloe Zhao Blaming the Audience for Not Understanding "Eternals"

46:35 Tokyo Vice, We Own The City, Gaslit and The Pentaverate Trailers Discussion

53:44 "X" and "Dark Water" Reviews

59:42 Sidney Sweeney Joins Cast of Madame Web

1:00:08 WeCrashed Review of Episodes 1-3

1:01:18 Wrap Up and Social Media Plugs

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