NEW Daredevil Series at Disney+, She-Hulk Trailer, Margot Robbie in Oceans 11 Prequel, Deadpool 3 - THE HOT MIC

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On this episode of THE HOT MIC, Jeff Sneider and John Rocha are back to discuss all the BIG news that's fit to print and NOT fit to print from the world of entertainment! They talk the breaking news that Disney+ and Marvel are working on a new Daredevil series, the She-Huk trailer reactions and CGI, Amber Heard's comments about her role being cut down in Aquaman 2 as a result of the online petition, Jeff's mini review of Alex Garland's MEN, the latest news from Cannes, the Firestarter flame out at the box office, Margot Robbie possibly starring in an Oceans 11 prequel series and more!

PLUS they answer all your Streamlabs and SuperChat questions throughout the show.

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