A Conversation with Dr. Rabia Akhtar

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The Subcontinental South Asian Voices (SAV) is a podcast on strategic issues in South Asia. SAV is an online magazine featuring rising South Asian analysts. It aims to foster free-flowing, critical debate on South Asia's security economic, and political issues, with a special focus on nuclear matters. Dr. Rabia Akhtar is the founding Director of the Centre for Security, Strategy, and Policy Research at the University of Lahore. She holds a PhD in security studies from Kansas State University. Rabia joins Host Sameer Lalwani to discuss a number of contemporary issues from the subcontinent including strategic dialogues, counterterrorism, nuclear summits, and intelligence cooperation. Rabia also discusses her current book project on Pakistan's nuclear history counternarrative. Questions submitted by listeners on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SAVPodcast are also featured!

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