Our Fight – Jesus Gives Power!

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July 25, 2021 - Pastor Barry Clair shares the second in the series on Spiritual Warfare called "Our Fight" with the message "Jesus Gives Power!" Last Sunday, I said that when it comes to Spiritual Warfare for Christians, there are two extremes. The first extreme is the person who sees a demon around every corner, behind every event, every circumstance of their life. Everything that goes wrong is the devil's fault. In this extreme, they are preoccupied with and as a result live in constant fear of the devil's schemes. The second extreme is the person who is ignorant of or oblivious to the spiritual realm at all. Perhaps they are skeptical of the excesses they see in the first extreme or tend to be overbalanced on the rationale scale. They think, "If I can't see it, touch it or hear it with my physical senses, it doesn't exist." Both of these extremes are dangerous. True spiritual warfare requires deep spiritual discernment. It is my belief that as we see the last days unfold in front of us, spiritual activity will increase. The Spirit of God will be active bringing an end-times harvest and Satan and his demons will be working against that. My purpose in this series is to teach us and prepare us for the coming, last days increase in spiritual attacks on the church and God's people.

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