African women: Your time is now

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Guests: Olwethu Leshabane and Namhla Mniki On the backdrop of International Women's day, with a sense that women are still a long way from true equality, Nobuntu sits down with Olwethu Leshabane and Namhla Mniki to engage some tough realities: As women in Africa, why are we still fighting to have our voices heard even though we are now in the rooms? What are the obstacles we are still faced with, that hold us back from being pivotal members of change in the marketplace and our communities? What is the new and different thing we need to do, to get us passed these barriers, to build the community of women we need to truly impact the future? The conversation is real and uncomfortable, but it is also inspiring and what we need to get us thinking and to truly #breakthebias Connect with Olwethu · Connect with Namhla · Connect with Nobuntu · Visit our website

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