Ubuntu Touch Q&A Episode 110

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In news, B1 Linux is celebrating its anniversary by donating €30,000 to a project. UBports is on the shortlist and anyone can register a vote with them, in favour of the project they would most like to see get the money. All of the projects are worthy but we are calling on our community to vote for UBports. OTA-20 is not far off. Just to clear up any confusion, this is just our numbering system at work. This is Xenial based, it is NOT 20.04. The CA certificate for LetsEncrypt expired recently and caused all kinds of chaos. Anyone using OTA-19 to connect to LetsEncrypt services is having trouble. It isn’t a problem in browser but it is for things like Calendar sync, emails etc. Switching to rc channel will find the fix. A regression involving loss of microphone has been remedied in the browser and we now have a custom messaging sound option for SMS receipt. As always, for all changes it is important to have test feedback before they pass into Stable channel. It isn’t possible for Dalton to gather together a round-up of news for device ports but just as we have Mateo putting news together for apps in OpenStore, it would be great to have a volunteer or volunteers to bring us device updates. Those can then be fed into this section. Marius noted that one of the things which always gets commented on about UT is our ‘convergence’ or ‘desktop’ mode. [A reminder again: what we mean by that is OpenStore apps which transform automatically, so that they look right and work right on a big screen. Nothing more, nothing less. We do NOT mean ‘a desktop in your pocket. Rant over…] In those terms, convergence on UT is working very well overall but it is interrupted too often by some annoying bugs and Marius has been spending some time working through those.

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