Atmospheric Pressure Episode 6 "The SoulRoots Guestmix"

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A new Episode of Atmospheric Pressure for
This week a Guestmix by SoulRoots
"Bringing love through music" that’s what SoulRoots stands for.
This duo which exist out of both genders (Safae Fazzari – Female) & (Randy Matahelumual – Male) got a major love for deep, soulful and afro house music.
Since the start of 2011 this duo started working with eachother. Both were into music for quite some time, but never really felt the drive to reveal thereselfs and perform in front of audience. Untill one time they talked with eachother and discussed about teaming up. After a short period of practicing and getting to know eachother, SoulRoots was born. That was the beginning of their journey to spread love through music.
Intro-lude: Open Mind (Are You Really Listening)
01. Boddhi Satva feat Vikter Duplaix - From Another World
02. The Layabouts feat Omar - As Long As You Believe (Atmospheric Deep Edit)
03. Qness - Uzongilinda (UPZ aka Avi Elman Mix)
04. Liquideep - Alone
05. DJ Kent featuring Malehloka Hlalele - Falling (DJ Kent’s Unreleased Mix)
06. Djeff Afrozila presents Gari Sinedima - Piluka (Vocal Soul Mix)
07. Mi Casa - These Streets (Atmospheric Deep Edit)
08. Zakes Bantwini ft Xolani Sithole - Clap Your Hands (Club Mix)
09. Zakes Bantwini - Wasting My Time (Black Coffee Original Mix)
10. Montana & Stewart feat Kafele Bandele & Eliki - Love Is The Key

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