The eviction deal and the duplex debacle, with Asm. Buffy Wicks

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Babies on the Assembly floor! Senators swearing at each other! Forcible Zoom mutings! The end of the state legislative session was particularly chaotic this year, especially for housing. On this episode of Gimme Shelter, Matt and Liam break down the last-minute eviction deal nobody seems happy with, and the head-scratching demise of a housing production bill that actually passed both chambers. First, the Avocado of the Fortnight is awarded to the only lawmaker to actually address a previous Avocado with successful legislation (2:30). Then, a discussion of the eviction compromise and what it meant for renters, landlords and banks (5:00). Then, a breakdown of why the highest profile housing production bill of 2020 passed both houses--and still failed to become law (20:30). Finally, an interview with viral sensation Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, Democrat from Oakland, on why she and her four week old daughter were on the Assembly floor supporting duplexes in single-family neighborhoods (38:30). Audio editing by Victor Figueroa

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