How To Cultivate Healthy Minds with Dr. John Schumann - 2021 Premiere Episode

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Welcome everyone to the first Mental Health Download Podcast of this 2021 season. I'm Matt Gleason. And today, my co-host is my dear friend Jane Mudgett. We are so excited to be kicking off the 2021 season focused on cultivating healthy minds with Dr. John Schumann.

He is President of OU-Tulsa and also holds the Gussman Endowed Chair in Internal Medicine within the OU-TU School of Community Medicine.

Dr. Schumann has authored the blog GlassHospital since 2010, writing monthly posts aimed at demystifying medicine and bringing transparency to health care and policy for lay audiences. He has also written for national publications such as The Atlantic, Slate, Reader’s Digest, and NPR’s health blog, Shots.

He is also the developer, co-producer and host of the StudioTulsa program “Medical Mondays” on Tulsa’s local NPR station, KWGS 89.5-FM. His weekly show explores health care and the human condition. He has also contributed to the national NPR radio programs, “Marketplace” and “All Things Considered.”

OK, let’s get the conversation started. The Mental Health Download starts … now.

P.S. Thanks to our friend Lucas Oswalt for providing all the music for this year's season. Hear more from Lucas at

Oh, and watch this episode on Youtube at

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