Growing An Online Business Alongside Your Hands-On Practice With Dr. Madalyn Turner

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Over the last 6 years, I’ve given over 10,000 hours to helping women in chiropractic grow their practices.

For the first couple of years, I wasn’t confident that what I was teaching my clients actually worked.

I mean, it DID work but I was still feeling a LOT of imposter syndrome back then.

In 2019, a coach that I hired advised me to collect case studies of my clients and students.

The idea scared me to death, but I knew he was right. So my team and I started collecting data from women in our paid community, and very quickly we found that our members were able to cut their work hours in half while actually increasing their take-home pay.

I was floored! And I felt so much more confident about the business that I was growing, knowing that it was more than just an idea I had but that it really helped women create tangible results in their lives and practices.

Well, it was only a year or two later that I found--despite how great my program was at helping women work less and live more--they consistently hit a ceiling.

They could increase revenue, but only so much before they found that they couldn’t squeeze any more patient or client appointments onto their calendars.

I’m not one to settle for limitations, so I began creating a solution.

It’s a really simple solution, actually, that can be boiled down to one word: SCALABILITY.

See, no one tells you when you start a service-based business that your income will always be limited (to a lot less than you need to pay off your student loan debt AND save money for your kids’ futures) by how many people you can fit on your schedule without working yourself into the ground.

A scalable income stream in the answer. And that’s how my current program Work Less, Live More was born.

In it, I teach health and wellness professionals how to build a $5K+/month income stream by starting their own online program.

Today, I’m bringing Dr. Madalyn Turner to the podcast.

Madalyn has an amazing online membership program that allows her to practice how she wants to (not how she feels she HAS to to pay the bills).

Take a listen to this episode so you can hear how Dr. Madalyn does it (and how YOU can do it, too).

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