Horror Chat and Found Footage Movies - Episode 249 - 10-27-2021

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Writer and “horror bottomless pit” Mark Pellegrini joins for a great horror movie discussion. Essential found footage movies. What makes found footage different from other types of movies? Horror franchises that forget their roots. Horror films adapted to TV series. Overlooked horror gems in the slasher genre. Analog horror. Halloween Kills, what makes Michael Myers scary, and how the Halloween franchise went way off the rails before the 2018 restart. The Burning versus Friday the 13th versus Sleepaway Camp. What’s the deal with the hockey mask in the Alone in the Dark movie from 1982? Romero’s zombie rules and social commentary. Heck, let’s throw in a little J-Horror, too. Mark’s writing and comics work including Kamen America and Black Hops. Bad Homer Simpson Jokes.

Shane Plays Geek Talk Episode #249 - 10/27/2021

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The Found Footage Movie List (Mostly Horror) https://shaneplays.com/found-footage-horror-movie-list/

What is Analog Horror? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An1OJXIMCTo

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